[wr_vc_abouts][wr_vc_abouts_inner][wox_text style=”st2″ title=”Monaco Licence”]Each year, 4.5 million tourists visit Monaco, which intrigues by its bouquet of buildings flowing up into the sky. By day, Monaco bustles with activity courtesy of its many boutiques specialising in Haute Couture and Jewellery. Monaco nights are festive and extravagant. The 5-star palaces, luxury gourmet restaurants and casinos remain places to be seen for celebrities and jet-setters alike. The Principality fascinates due to its popularity with the rich and famous and also the splendour of its charity galas such as “Le Bal de la Rose” and “Le Bal de la Croix-Rouge”, which attract the richest patrons every year.[/wox_text][/wr_vc_abouts_inner][/wr_vc_abouts]
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